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Vodacom Public Phones
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  • The Vodacom Public Phone is a “business in a box”, containing all the equipment you need to set up shop to retail telephone access to any community, anywhere within mobile network coverage.

  • The Vodacom Public Phone allows you to retail voice, fax or internet calls without having to rely on a fixed-line network, so you don’t have to wait for a landline operator to install a line. You can even set up shop where there is no landline access whatsoever. All you need is the Vodacom Public Phone, a telephone unit and a power supply – even a car battery will do!
    With the Vodacom Public Phone, you can start off with a small handful of phones and add lines as demand grows, or you can start off big and branch out. Because the Vodacom Public Phone is so mobile, you can easily move your business to where the market is most lucrative, without having to pay for costly installation of new landlines.

  • Calls are charged to the end user at the cheapest rate in the country, 90c per minute. The operator will pay 70c per minute, thus giving him/her a profit of 20c for every minute used.

    International calls are charged out at R3.00 per minute (Southern African countries only)

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Please note: As of 1 January 2010 operator and agent bank accounts used for recharging will be debited with a levy of R10 ex.VAT per month by ABSA, our banking partner.

No Power - from R150 ...No Single - from R50............Key Pads - from R80  
Aerials - from R150........Power Supply - from R150...No display - from R100

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